The Long Island Business Council is a partnership working to advocate and assist the business community and related stakeholders. LIBC will create an open dialogue with key stakeholder groups and individuals to foster solutions to regional economic challenges. LIBC will serve as a community-focused enterprise that will work with strategic partners in government, business, education, nonprofit and civic sectors to foster a vibrant regional business climate, sustainable economic growth and an inclusive and shared prosperity that advances business attraction, retention and expansion; and enhances

  • Access to relevant markets (local, regional, national, global)
  • Access to a qualified workforce (credentialed workforce; responsive education & training)
  • Access to business/economic resources
  • Access to and expansion of the regional supply chain
  • A culture of innovation
  • Commitment to best practices
  • Adaptability, resilience and diversity of regional markets to respond to emerging trends
  • Navigability of the regulatory environment
  • Availability of supportive infrastructure
  • An attractive regional quality of life